Winley Vellin

The Marketer From "Buitenland"

I’m not sure when you’ve stumbled upon this message, but as I jot down these words, the world is grappling with the seismic shifts brought about by the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. A game-changer, you could say. Businesses are navigating uncharted waters, and people are discovering new facets of resilience. In the midst of chaos, a revelation struck me—my raison d’être, my wake-up call: to find the silver lining in every challenge and guide others toward a better version of themselves.


Enter the Buzz Spot Concept, born from the crucible of the pandemic. Fueled by my digital, content,

web, and branding experiences, it’s a dynamic framework harmonizing the key pillars of Marketing. And guess what? AI is the new frontier, the uncharted territory I’m exploring to elevate this concept even further.



My mission? Simple yet profound: to empower heroes to succeed online, to unearth and share stories. How? By providing all the necessary guidance and resources in one cohesive space. Every day, I breathe life into this vision through the Buzz Spot concept, assisting businesses in crafting and implementing their online strategies.


Fast forward to 2024—my vision is crystal clear. I want people to not only grasp the nuances of Online Marketing but also have access to a treasure trove of talents and resources in one convenient spot. The mission? To rally like-minded talents and heroes, fostering collective growth for a common goal. Our values echo this sentiment:


Solution Seekers: We’d rather find solutions than dwell on problems.

Earn Respect: Service and humility are our badges of honor.

Communication and Support: We believe in people’s abilities, visions, and dreams.

Challenge Champions: Comfort zones are overrated; we turn challenges into opportunities.

Phoenix Rising: Defeat is just a temporary setback; we bounce back stronger.

Are you on the lookout for a team player who not only understands your uniqueness but is also committed to finding solutions? Someone not solely driven by the allure of money, possessing the skills to craft online strategies that deliver results? Well, you’ve found your match!


I’m Winley, the Founder of the Buzz Spot Concept, paving the way for a better us. Let’s grow together! 


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