Winley Vellin

The Marketer From "Buitenland"

I don’t know at which moment in life, or year, you’ll be reading this… But what I know is that at the very moment was writing this, we were going through something called the COVID-19 pandemic. Also referred to as Coronavirus, which changed the world forever. During this exceptional time when people were locked down, businesses were knocked down. A time when we wouldn’t say we’re a positive people, as much as businesses were accepting being negative. THE NEW NORMAL WAS BEING DEFINED!

During this challenging moment, I realized, even more, the very reason wake up in the morning to do what I do… my purpose in life: To uplift and guide by identifying the silver lining in any challenge so that we discover a better version of ourselves. And it became even stronger during this pandemic situation, as it fuels my desire to help others in need. This energy is the Fuel for the Buzz SPOT CONCEPT and is the reason why I’ve built it. I want to help heroes build success online so that stories are uncovered and shared. How do I translate this into practice? By providing required guidance & resources in one place. What do I do every day to materialize it?

Through the Buzz Spot concept and all related support that is built around it, support

businesses build & implement strategies online. Our Vision is to ensure by the year 2024 people have a good understanding of Online Marketing while having access to all required talents & resources in one place for support.

Our mission is, therefore, to find like-minded talents & heroes to grow together for a common goal. This concept relies strongly on group values too as per below:

  1. Seeking the solution rather than complaining about the problems.
  2. Earn respect by being of service and humble.
  1. Communicate, support and believe in people’s abilities, vision, and dreams.
  2. Turn challenges into opportunities and be skeptical when things start to feel too comfortable.
  1. Push barriers to create solutions.
  1. Rise like the phoenix-Realize that defeat is temporary and come back even stronger.

    If you’re looking for a team player to be part of your problem, be side by side to understand what makes you unique, caring enough to help you find solutions, not money minded, having the right skills to develop strategies online and help you achieve goals, so that at the end we all grow together! Then look no further!

    Winley Founder of the Buzz Spot Concept
    Beholds a better us!


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