Winley Vellin

The "Buzz Spotter"

Hi, I’m Winley, also known as the “Buzz Spotter.” With over 15 years of experience in Marketing & Communication, and more than a decade in Online Marketing, I’ve dedicated my career to helping businesses thrive.

In 2022, I relocated with my family to The Netherlands. Here, I leverage my extensive expertise to support businesses in achieving sustainable growth through my proven long-term marketing concept.

I love connecting with entrepreneurs and visionaries, guiding them through a structured process to define the explicit and implicit value of their projects. My approach combines coaching, advice, and practical tools across branding, content, digital, and web strategies.

Join me for a Complimentary Clarity Session—a 45-minute call designed to help you take decisive steps toward your goals.

Who Should Book a Clarity Session?

Aspiring entrepreneurs or startup founders.

Business leaders seeking strategic guidance to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.

Talented individuals who need help aligning their business vision with actionable plans.

Let’s transform your ideas into impactful strategies!

Let's INTERACT -  CONNECT - EXPLORE - The Story Behind the Words!

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Your products rock, but fumbling through marketing can be a wallet-draining headache. 

10+ years of Marketing expertise meets the power of AI. I guide entrepreneurs, leaders, and self-taught marketers to better implement right tactics – let’s find that winning formula without burning your resources. 🚀

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If you want a demo, or you need a custom package that better fits your project requirements (e.g for Agencies, want deeper exploration sessions or have multiple projects in one), request a call back so we can discuss if you are a good fit.